Network: Samba: Variables

(last edit: 2001-03-18) These are the variables you can use in your config file(s): Client variables ---------------- %a Client's architecture (Samba, WinNT, WfWg, Win95, or UNKNOWN) %I Client's IP address %m Client's NetBIOS name %M Client's DNS name User variables -------------- %g Primary group of %u %G Primary group of %U %H Home directory of %u %u Current Unix username %U Requested client username (not always used by Samba) Share variables --------------- %p Automouter's path to the share's root directory, if different from %P %P Current share's root directory %S Current share's name Server variables ---------------- %d Current sever process ID %h Samba server's DNS hostname %L Samba server's NetBIOS name %N Home directory server, from automount map %v Samba version Miscellaneous variables ----------------------- %R The SMB protocol level that was negotiated %T The current date and time

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